“On 11-1-13, Dr. Steven White did brow surgery on both eyes. My stitches were removed 11-7-13. It is so great to see and be able to read again. Thanks for the great care & work, and thanks to your staff. Forever grateful, “
-Richard M., Nov. 2013

“Many respectful thanks to everyone. From start to finish a more professional and caring team could not be found. I was carefully attended to and was in the very best hands. In fact, I am now preparing my budget to return for the balance of what was my wish list procedures. I actually anxiously await the next session. The world is a better place because of professionals like all of you.”
-Ron M., Oct. 2013

“My lower eye surgery was a very comfortable experience. During recovery, there was no pain- just some soreness. Took prescribed medicine for a couple of days and then, not needed. After about two weeks, there was hardly a sign of anything ever being done, except for a little sunburned look. I was pleasantly surprised with the results. The visits with Dr. White and his staff made for a very pleasant experience.”
-Arlene G. 2012

“My experience with Dr. White and his entire staff FAR exceeded my expectations both results-wise and care-wise. When I first realized how much I wanted to improve my quickly aging face and skin, I was quite overwhelmed with the multiple and various options available in the marketplace. I was seeking the most effective treatment that would have the longest lasting results. I had done a lot of research and had multiple appointments with numerous skin care people, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons…more
G. from P.A. 2011

“I just wanted to pop in and tell Dr. White I am still extremely satisfied with my breast augmentation. It’s been over 10 yrs., yet I still get compliments-even from doctors and health care professionals. Still look marvelous and if I ever needed any surgery again I would want Dr. White. And I now live 800 miles away! Thanks again Dr. White!”
S. A.

“My surgery at Carolina Coastal Plastic Surgery yielded more than just a better body- it gave me the confidence to let go of old behaviors that damaged my body and my self-image. I checked out other plastic surgery practices before I made my decision but knew immediately upon arriving at CCPRS that I would choose their practice. And although I was just another face out of thousands, Dr. White and his staff made me feel so comfortable that it enabled me to be excited about my surgery- not apprehensive. I believe this level of comfort combined with positive anticipation of my new look resulted in minimal pain and faster recovery. My results may not be typical but I had surgery on a Friday and was back at work on Monday. My follow-up care was impeccable. I received better results and better patient care from CCPRS right here in Myrtle Beach, SC than years earlier when I’d had a previous procedure with a Park Avenue physician. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. White and his staff to anyone and highly encourage the use of plastic surgery at CCPRS as a springboard to change your life as I have mine.”
K. G., Myrtle Beach

“The physician recommended to me was Dr. White of Carolina Coastal Plastic Surgery. He is wonderful. He is in the reserves and comes to Shaw AFB once a month and gives of his services and talents. Dr. White, I feel was sent from “heaven”. I feel he saved my life and I don’t think I’m exaggerating. I had become very depressed from another botched surgery. I didn’t want to be seen or see anyone else or do anything. Dr. White has made a big difference. He and his whole staff has been unbelievably kind and sympathetic and are just great people. They are so kind and friendly. I feel like my husband and I have gained an extended family and we have told them this in person. I don’t think I can say enough. It has taken several procedures to correct what another doctor did and I have one more procedure scheduled. I never thought I’d ever look normal again, but thanks to Dr. White, I feel good about myself. I just wanted you to know what an excellent doctor you have in Dr. White.”
V.R., Myrtle Beach

“Dr. White and his staff are amazing! I have never been so comfortable with a doctor or his staff. Everyone there exceeded my expectations and made me feel warm and welcomed. I know some women who have worked for Dr. White and love him, and one of my friends had a breast augmentation and looked wonderful and highly recommended Dr. White to me. I made the right choice in Dr. White and would recommend him to anyone…and I will be back for more procedures in the very near future, rest assured. The follow-up care is just as good as the initial consultation. I can’t wait to go back to my next follow-up!”
- N. P., Little River, SC

“I now have an awesome, bikini-ready body thanks to Dr. White! I never thought I could look this way again after having three children. Dr. White and his staff made me feel comfortable from the first appointment. He and his staff were all very warm, caring and professional. All of my follow up visits were the same. Thanks Dr. White!
- C.D. North Myrtle Beach S.C.

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