Eyelid Surgery

More than any other facial feature, your eyes reveal the most about how you feel. When your eyes are bright and alert, you appear energized, well-rested, and in control. However, if you have lower eyelid puffiness, dark circles or drooping upper lids, others may assume that you are fatigued, angry or unhappy. Eyelid surgery can remove the excess fat and skin of the upper eyelids, minimize the bags under the eyes and tighten the lower eyelid skin. This may be combined with laser skin resurfacing to smooth the extra fine lines around the eye. The result is a more alert and rested appearance. For more information regarding eyelid surgery, please contact our office. We will be happy to send you a detailed brochure on the procedure.
Caption A

Blepharoplasty patient shown before surgery with bags under eyes and wrinkled folds of skin hooding eyelashes on upper lid.

Caption B

Incisions following natural contour lines in upper and lower lids provide access to skin and fatty tissue. In some cases, excess fat may be removed through an incision placed inside the lower eyelid.

Caption C

Sutures close the incisions, leaving hairline scars that soon fade.


Caption D

The postoperative patient with unobstructed upper eyelids and firmer, smoother skin under the eyes.


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