Breast Surgery

  • BREAST ENHANCEMENT Many women feel dissatisfied with the size of their breasts, or they may want to bring balance to a breast that is somewhat smaller than the other
  • BREAST LIFT Breast lift, or mastopexy, is a surgical procedure to raise and reshape sagging breasts.
  • BREAST REDUCTION Breast reduction, or mammaplasty, removes fat, glandular tissue, and skin from very large, pendulous breasts, making them smaller, lighter, and firmer

Facial Rejuvenation

  • FACE & NECK LIFT A facelift smoothes the loose skin on your face and neck, as well as tightens underlying tissues and removes excess fat
  • EYELID SURGERY Eyelid surgery can remove the excess fat and skin of the upper eyelids, minimize the bags under the eyes and tighten the lower eyelid skin.
  • FOREHEAD LIFT The procedure corrects drooping brows and improves the horizontal lines and furrows that can make a person appear angry, sad or tired
  • FACIAL IMPLANTS Facial implants can strengthen your jawline or bring your chin or cheekbones into balance with the rest of your face
  • RHINOPLASTY If you feel your nose is not a good fit for your face, rhinoplasty can enhance the shape, size and general appearance of your nose.
  • COLLAGEN INJECTIONS As we age, the underlying tissues that keep our skin looking youthful and plumped up begin to break down, often leaving laugh lines, crow’s feet or facial creases.
  • BOTOX INJECTIONS Botox is used to weaken the underlying muscles that are causing wrinkles.
  • LASER SKIN RESURFACING Laser Skin Resurfacing removes areas of damaged or wrinkled skin caused by prolonged sun exposure.
  • FAT GRAFTING Taking a small amount of a patient’s own fat and injecting it into the thinned areas can restore fullness and contour

Body Contouring

  • LIPOSUCTION Liposuction can be used to slim the hips and thighs, flatten the abdomen, shape the calves and ankles or eliminate a double chin.
  •  ABDOMINOPLASTY This cosmetic procedure, known also as a tummy tuck, removes excess skin and fat from the abdomen and may also tighten the muscles of the abdominal wall.
  • LOWER BODY TUCK The procedure removes excess skin and fat from the thighs, resulting in a smooth, shapely appearance.

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