Plastic Surgeons and Plastic Surgery

By Dr. Steven K. White Sr.
Carolina Coastal Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa

It goes without saying that Plastic Surgeons should do Plastic Surgery. Right?! Well, unfortunately this is not always the case! Plastic Surgery involves two important components: Cosmetic and Reconstructive. Reconstructive Plastic Surgery involves an operation that tries to bring normalcy to a genetic defect, congenital abnormality , trauma victim from abuse or violence, burn injuries, etc. Cosmetic surgery is a multi-billion dollar industry, cash or credit up-front surgery that enhances the normal patient. The patients in this category want to look better or feel better about themselves. Hence, a lot of practitioners (not plastic surgeons) are “dabbling” in this practice. Why, because it can be lucrative and the lay public doesn’t really understand their qualifications.

A board certified plastic surgeon will have a minimum of six years of surgery training after medical school (usually eight) and this doctor has to pass rigorous written and oral exams to become certified. In addition they have numerous cases they have photographed, worked-up, and operated on to present for scrutiny. But, there are also other things to consider.

1) When you are considering Plastic Surgery, pick a Plastic Surgeon. If you don’t like him or her, choose another one. In the state of South Carolina there are more than fifty (50) board certified Plastic Surgeons.

2) Where is your surgery going to be done? The Surgeon should be operating on you at a Certified Surgery Center that has peer review, credentialing, safety standards, routine inspections, approved housekeeping, OSHA standards for all personnel, HIPPA standards, approved sterilization criteria etc.

3) The operations that fall under Plastic Surgery, to name a few, are a) Liposuction
b) Face lifts c) Rhinoplasty d) Abdominolplasty e) Otoplasty f) Breast augmentation and lifts g) Buttock augmentation with fat grafting or implants h) Eye lid surgery i) Neck lifts
j) Forehead lifts, etc.

4) Finally, if you have a complication, who is going to take care of you? This is the most important point. Doctor’s should not operate on you if they can not take care of your surgical complications. The key point is that if you have to go to a hospital with serious infections, that Plastic Surgeon will be able to take care of you there. Most of the Doctors who “dabble” in Plastic Surgery can not operate on you at the hospital or surgery center and certainly may not be credentialed at that hospital. Many are not even surgeons. So, don’t be swooned by all this marketing; Do your research; choose a board certified Plastic Surgeon you feel comfortable with and just do it. And remember what you imagine, we can create.

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